Trial Support

Let our team of experienced trial specialists assist you at trial

Appino & Biggs Reporting Services’ team of experienced trial presentation specialists will assist you in whatever capacity you may need at trial.  Their experience in the complexities of trials and technical knowledge will electronically and visually enhance your case to give you the edge at your next mediation or trial.

Our specialists have available for use at trial 15-inch interactive monitors for all counsel, the court and the witness, in addition to a 70-inch interactive monitor for the jury to view.  With the interactive monitors, you can write, highlight or draw on any document or photo that is displayed, which then can be printed for use as an exhibit.   With the use of the latest audio/visual and digital equipment, our trial specialists can provide a powerful impact to testimony and exhibits.  Our team of specialists have assisted in all types of cases lasting several weeks to months at a time.

  • Exhibit presentation and testimony text hightlights
  • On-demand video clips presentation for playback or impeachment purposes
  • Side-by-Side document comparison
  • Video editing and playback