In-house Legal Videographers

Synchronized Videotaped Depositions

Appino & Biggs Reporting Service, Inc. has a staff of experienced, professionally-trained video technicians.

Our videographers record in high definition using tapeless cameras, eliminating the need to break at crucial points in the testimony to change tapes. Our videos are also synched with the transcript at no additional charge.

With our synched videos, you will be able to read the scrolling text of the transcript while viewing the witness’ reactions and mannerisms. You can search for keywords and immediately jump to that portion of the video. Video clips can be created and exported to other programs such as TrialDirector, Summation and Power Point.

For a more powerful and effective deposition, incorporate your exhibits or documents into your videotaped deposition.  Capture the jury’s attention like never before using picture-in-a-picture video with our digital videography or picture-in-a-picture video incorporating the iPad and special apps.

Call us for depositions, focus groups, independent medical exams, site inspections, and video editing.